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Customer Spotlight: Flower Heads

​Rent the flowers, be picture perfect! What a unique idea and business! Flower Heads allows you to rent stunning silk flower arrangements to be used for centerpieces or to adorn any kind of structure such as arches, fences or gazebos to name a few. Check out their large inventory at https://www.myflowerhead.com.   Event was big […]


How Instagram Is Changing the Restaurant World

It’s like a new beginning to almost everything, from the way people interact to the way they make decisions. Among all the technological advancements, social media has become the most powerful force, such that restaurant owners have adopted the approaches to generate and share their ideas in virtual communities to get more clients. The platform […]

Making a Good Impression on Patrons with Restaurant Decor

It’s been said that people eat with their eyes as well as their stomach. But in a restaurant, it’s more than the plate presentation that makes an impact on your patrons’ appetites. Before they walk in the door, and all the way through the journey to the table, your customers are building expectations and forming […]

Customer Spotlight: Portsmouth Garden Club

Thank you so much for your invaluable help in ordering and designing the aprons for the Portsmouth Garden Club. They were a big hit and everyone loved the colors and style. Founded in 1931, The Portsmouth Garden Club provides scholarships and grants to deserving students and community organizations thru their very popular Festival of Trees fundraiser. The […]

Take the Pressure Off by Streamlining Your Menu

Rising food and labor costs—including the move toward a $15 minimum wage—is adding pressure to many restaurants and chains. Reducing overhead while still maintaining customer-pleasing quality is crucial to continued success, and one simple way to alleviate the pressure is by streamlining your menu to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Operating costs related to wages can […]

Trends to Keep Your Restaurant Patrons Engaged and Loyal

Restaurant visits today are often about much more than simply eating a nice meal out. Convenience and increased engagement with your patrons will keep them coming back for more, so it’s important to stay on top of critical trends that not only improve the experience for your guests but give you valuable insight into how […]