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Summer Creativity to Enjoy Together with Your Kids

As summer kicks off, it’s an amazing time to connect with your kids and share new (or new again) experiences. Sure, there’s summer camp, vacations, and lots of other activities to fill up the time, but you can make great memories with your children at home during the summer, outfitted with little more than an […]

Technology Gives Restaurant Patrons an Advantage

Consumers in just about every sector crave convenience—something their smartphones have given them for more than a decade. So, it’s advantageous for restaurants to provide conveniences to customers through advancing infrastructure and technology tools, but a number of third parties are giving restaurant patrons themselves the edge when it comes to their dining experience. Augmented […]

Summer Restaurant Dessert Trends

As cooler weather gives way to sunnier and warmer days, restaurant patrons welcome the change in seasonal dessert offerings from hearty and warmed cakes and pies to refreshing summer fare. Roughly half of restaurants offer seasonal dessert menus, and here’s what patrons can expect for 2019 as they dine out. Fresh Fruit Dessert Nothing says […]

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Right This Year

Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is right around the corner! While you’ve probably already begun planning a Cinco De Mayo celebration at your restaurant, you should know more about the holiday’s origins and authentic traditions. So grab a seat and read all about the origins of this holiday, as well as ideas to […]

Gen Z: The Growing Next Generation of Restaurant Patrons

Like the Baby Boomers before them, Millennials—the largest living generation—have long been the focus of restaurant marketing and menu development for the last 10+ years. But the next generation’s consumer habits demand attention not just in the marketplace but at the dining table as well. Generation Z, the tweens and students born between 1997 and […]

Turning the Heat Up on Restaurant Flavors

Middle-of-the-road bland foods to satisfy the masses have disappeared under a layer of spice and diversity. Restaurant fare is getting increasingly hotter, with more spices, flavors, garlic, and diversity of cuisines—and all signs indicate the trend will continue. Restaurants stocking up on spices and seasonings from bulk distributors accounted for a 3% bump in such […]

Train to Build Culture in Your Business

The culture of a business doesn’t develop from platitudes on motivational posters or even from how the company vision is communicated to the public. It’s the sum of how the people within your organization interact and behave every day. Your business will have a culture no matter what you do, but it’s certain that the […]

Meeting the Needs of Off-Premise Customers

The huge growth in off-premise dining has transformed the restaurant industry and funneled increasing revenue into the local and franchise restaurants. But as consumers grow more reliant on takeout and delivery, demand for more—and better—cuisine grows with it, producing a heaping side-helping of competition for restaurants. Currently, dine-in foodservice accounts for 43% of orders, meaning […]

How to Get Customers to Post Pictures of Your Food on Social Media

What’s more authentic than posting pictures of food from your restaurant so that customers will be enticed to give you a try? Pictures taken by actual customers who’ve enjoyed the food from your restaurant. It’s actually simple logic – what’s going to hold more weight? A carefully-constructed description written by the owner of an establishment, […]