Chef Uniform Functions: How to Dress in the Profesisonal Kitchen

9/11/2016 7:00 AM

A chef uniform is much more than a garment you’re required to wear to work. Each part of your ensemble plays a specific role in protecting you from everyday kitchen dangers. A typical chef uniform is a chef’s jacket, chef pants, a hat, a neckerchief, an apron, good slip-resistant shoes, and sometimes a hand towel. Even if you aren’t required to wear all parts of the ensemble, your chef uniform still serves a purpose.


Let’s discuss what each part of your chef uniform is designed to do. You may be surprised to learn that it’s not just a fashion statement—each article of clothing serves a specific function.


Chef Uniform Functions


Chef Jackets

Chef Jackets are an important part of the Chef Uniform. Because your chef jacket is traditionally double breasted, you’re protected against hot spills, splatters, burns, and other kitchen mishaps. The design of your chef jacket also allows for you to unbutton a flap and switch to a cleaner front if you need to conceal stains or spills. Your chef uniform sleeves are long to protect your arms from burns, splatters, and scalding steam.


Chef Hats

The most recognizable part of your chef uniform is the chef hat—the classic French cooking hat or “toque blanche” is literally translated as “white hat”. Although they do come in a variety of shapes in sizes, most are tall and pleated. They serve to keep hair out of your food and sweat off your face.


Chef Neckerchiefs

The chef neckerchief absorbs sweat from your neck. Although not required by most kitchens, it still adds a finished “professional” look to any chef uniform.


Chef Pants

Chef Pants are often baggy with elastic waistbands and odd patterns, and are absolutely essential in protecting chefs. Despite hot kitchen temperatures, long chef pants are meant to protect your legs from spills, splashes, and burns. The baggy shape of chef pants keeps hot foods and liquids from making contact with your skin. Never cuff the bottom of your pants—cuffs trap scalding foods and liquids. The waistband is necessary for rapid removal.


Chef Aprons

The Chef Apron is a chef uniform essential. It serves as an extra barrier against hot splashes, hot foods, and other kitchen dangers. Do not use your apron to wipe up spills, messes, or your hands—towels are available for this purpose. You can however use your chef apron to conveniently grab hot pots out of the oven. The cleaner the chef apron and chef uniform, the more professional your appearance.


Chef Shoes

Sturdy, comfortable, anti-slip chef shoes are a chef uniform essential. If you wear sandals, open shoes, tennis shoes or shoes of any other sort, you increase your chances of getting burned or injured by falling knives. Certain brands of shoe are specially made for chefs who are on their feet for long periods of time.


Remember chefs, keep your chef uniform clean, remove your jewelry when cooking, don’t wear perfume, and only wear your chef uniform in the kitchen to prevent germs and bacteria from contaminating your professional chef uniform.


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