Unisex Chef Coats - 8 Styles

Unisex Chef Coats

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Unisex Chef Coats: Well Designed for the Job
Chef coats and cook shirts need to be designed for appearance and for the job. Aprons and Smocks offers quality chef coats and cook shirts with features for customization, color selection, sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, and bulk order discounts.
Unisex Chef Coats—a Well Designed Piece of Equipment
A chef coat is more than a uniform—it’s a well-designed piece of equipment.
Chef coats have safety features—they’ve got long sleeves to protect the chef’s arms from burns, double breasting to offer protection from hot oil or grease spills and button styles that permit quick removal in an emergency. Chef coats have comfort features—the white fabrics reflects heat. They’re also designed for appearance—double buttons mean the coat flaps can be reversed to hide stains.
8 Styles
Aprons and Smocks offers 8 styles of chef coats—all well designed, professional looking pieces of equipment that do their job for your chef:
  1. Executive Chef Coat - White or White w/ Black Piping
  2. Corporate Chef Coat - White w/ White Piping
  3. Corporate Chef Coat - White w/ Black Piping
  4. Cuisinier Chef Coat - White
  5. Cuisinier Chef Coat - Black
  6. Economy 8 Button Chef Coat - White
  7. 10 Button Chef Coat - White, Red, or Black
  8. French 10 Button Chef Coat - White or Black
  9. Mesh Back Chef Coat - White or Black
  10. Short Sleeve Chef Coat - White or Black
These Chef Coats are built for comfort and durability, have a longer body than many chef coats on the market, feature a left chest pocket and a thermometer pocket, are available in white or black (to hide stains), and are made of 65/35 poly cotton blend in durable 7 ounce weight fabric.
Aprons and Smocks also offers these staples for your other staff: Cook Shirts, Long Sleeve Server Coats, and Waiter Jackets
Contact us to place your order for unisex chef coats. Find out what others are saying about us in our testimonials.


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