About Our Fabrics & Product Quality

Aprons and Smocks only sells garments made by top quality manufacturers! Only the highest quality threads are used to make the fabric for our garments. Wash after wash you will see the difference. We do not offer products that use inferior spun polyester fabric which pills, nor do we offer garments using low weight threads which become extremely limp after washing. Aprons and Smocks provides products that look and feel great over repeated washings!

Our products have generous sizing, long ties which are finished on the ends, and reinforced sewing at stress points. To top it off, our stain release fabric finishing gives your garment a barrier against stains. Aprons and Smocks offers a professional and long lasting garment.

Protection, performance and comfort are the best combination for a perfect uniform garment.


Fabric for Aprons

Super Twill Plus

For superior cover up protection, durability and comfort, Aprons and Smocks sells aprons and vests made with Super Twill Plus fabric. This fabric is the right choice for garments exposed to heavy-duty use.

To give you longer wear and more cover-up protection, the fabric weight is 7.5 ounces, which is heavier than our Traditional Twill fabric, making it the fabric of choice for all our aprons and vests.

We treat all our aprons with the exclusive ProDura Stain Release, which will help keep your aprons looking clean and sharp.


Fabric for Coats and Pants

Traditional Twill

Twill is a popular fabric weave characterized by parallel diagonal ribs. The twill weave has long been known to produce strong, durable fabric that is perfect for daily use.

 In addition to the twill weave, Aprons and Smocks, provides additional features to create a garment that’s perfect for easy wear and care. Using a seven-ounce weight for exceptional durability, our Traditional Twill is made from ring-spun, open-end poly/cotton-blended threads for easy washing and all-day comfort.

Fine Line Twill

Lighter weight than our Traditional Twill, our Fine Line Twill is made from beautiful ring-spun yarns, which are twisted and narrowed many times to produce an elegant, yet very durable thread. If you look close at the fine line twill cloth, you will notice that the parallel diagonal ribs produced by the twill weave is refined and smooth.

For those hot working environments and pure everyday comfort, Aprons and Smocks’ Fine Line Twill is made from a poly/cotton blend with a six-ounce weight.



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