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4 Games to Host at Your Bar to Attract More Business

After the holidays are over, people have a tendency to dial-back their spending a bit.  It’s important for restaurant and bar owners to position their marketing strategy to cater to those of us who may be reluctant to go out on the town in the middle of January. Everyone knows at least one person who […]

Finding the Right Bartender For Your Restaurant

A great bartender is an invaluable asset to your restaurant. It’s not as simple as finding someone who can throw-together a passable rum and coke. Bartenders typically have more responsibilities than most people realize, which is why it’s crucial to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s about finding a good bartender for your […]

Beets… It’s What’s for Dinner

Vegetables grow… it’s what they naturally do. But one versatile root vegetable has grown in another way: adoption on restaurant menus. The earthy, rich red beet shows up on nearly 1/5 of restaurant menus, growing 24% over the past 4 years. Could this robust bulb find a place on your menu soon? Beets hold up […]

Gift Card Marketing 101

When people want to purchase a sure-fire, safe gift, often for white elephant Pollyanna or office secret Santa celebrations, everyone goes for the trusty gift card. For one thing it’s an innocuous, easy gift that allows the gif-giver to determine exactly how much money goes on it. It’s also a good way to ensure that […]

Restaurant Trends: 2019

The food service industry is one of the unsung heroes of the art world. While you may not think of culinary services as an art in the classical sense, there’s no denying that just like music or film, it is constantly-evolving. To stay relevant, restaurants must change with times. Benchmark compiled a list of upcoming […]

The Legal Perils of Off-the-Clock Work

On-the-clock versus off-the-clock work can get blurry in our always-on society—and economy. It makes sense in industries where remote work is increasingly the norm, but for the restaurant industry there are also a number of unintentional (and often uncompensated) traps that can lead to hourly employees performing off-the-clock work. A recent California Supreme Court decision […]

Gift Ideas For Your Restaurant Staff

The holiday season is officially upon us! It’s important for you to show your restaurant staff that you appreciate the hard work they put-in all year. Take advantage of the season of giving by providing your workers with a thoughtful gift. Here are a few awesome gift ideas for restaurant workers: Cold, hard cash. Let’s […]

How Restaurants Can Be at the Table for At-Home Dining

Today’s consumers—by far—prefer at-home dining, rather than heading out to a restaurant after a long day of work or play. But that desire for healthy home-cooked food eaten in the comfort of one’s own kitchen (or living room) can come at the cost of convenience. Just as going out might not be desirable because of […]