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Meeting the Needs of Off-Premise Customers

The huge growth in off-premise dining has transformed the restaurant industry and funneled increasing revenue into the local and franchise restaurants. But as consumers grow more reliant on takeout and delivery, demand for more—and better—cuisine grows with it, producing a heaping side-helping of competition for restaurants. Currently, dine-in foodservice accounts for 43% of orders, meaning […]

How to Get Customers to Post Pictures of Your Food on Social Media

What’s more authentic than posting pictures of food from your restaurant so that customers will be enticed to give you a try? Pictures taken by actual customers who’ve enjoyed the food from your restaurant. It’s actually simple logic – what’s going to hold more weight? A carefully-constructed description written by the owner of an establishment, […]

Choosing the Right Background Music For Your Restaurant

The music you play inside your restaurant may seem like an inconsequential detail or an afterthought, however, when you consider the fact that dining-out is treated as a comprehensive experience by most people, the background music you choose to play can make or break your customer’s experience. Consider your clientele This may seem self-explanatory, however […]

The Huge Financial Impact of the Joint Employer Decision

The franchisor/franchisee relationship can be challenging to navigate, but the 2015 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision to shift labor liability to franchisors has made it even more complicated—and costly. Research shows that since the joint-employer ruling franchise businesses lose on average of $142,000 per year each because of legal fees and other expenses, and […]

Elevate the At-Home Dining Experience

Dining at home is more popular than ever, but that doesn’t mean all these meals are prepared in the home kitchen. The market for takeout and delivery is massive—expected to exceed $300 billion in the next 4-5 years, adding up to a tremendous opportunity for restaurants in a variety of formats, from quick service to […]

5 Mistakes Your Wait Staff Should Avoid

As you know, one of the factors that can absolutely make or break your restaurant is the level of service and hospitality that your patrons receive. The amount of training that goes into ensuring your restaurant is treating its patrons to excellent service is nothing to sneeze at – it takes time and patience to […]

Keys to Knife Safety In Your Restaurant

It’s mesmerizing to watch a professional chef seamlessly dice an onion or a tomato in what seems like 4 nanoseconds. Everyone wants to be that person. The problem is, that professional chef is making precise, calculated motions which took years of practice (and probably a few close calls) to hone. Looking like cool or more […]

How to Be a Confident Leader Without Being a Jerk

There are many descriptions and ideas about leadership—and plenty of books and articles written about the topic. But by it’s very nature, someone is only a leader if people will follow them. So what inspires followers to accept the direction of their leaders? Confidence. A wavering “leader” makes those in their charge nervous and cautious, […]

3 Key Trends In Hotel Foodservice This Year

Hotel service is more than just about a comfy bed for the night before a guest heads back out on the road. In fact, food and beverage service is a growing part of hotel offerings—and revenue. Accounting for about ¼ of the $200 billion hotel industry, foodservice income is growing 2%-3% every year. To stay […]

4 Games to Host at Your Bar to Attract More Business

After the holidays are over, people have a tendency to dial-back their spending a bit.  It’s important for restaurant and bar owners to position their marketing strategy to cater to those of us who may be reluctant to go out on the town in the middle of January. Everyone knows at least one person who […]