Holiday Baking Traditions

Holiday Baking Traditions

The holidays are quickly approaching this year, and if there was ever a year that we needed something to celebrate, it's this one. One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is through traditions. Traditions provide us with a sense of comfort and belonging.
Fall Memories - Blog Post Image

Fall Memories

If there is one thing that this year has taught us, it is the value of quality time with those most important to us. At Aprons & Smocks, we value the time spent with loved ones and the memories that we make with them. During this autumn season, we invite you to join us in becoming more intentional in making memories with those you hold most dear.
Cotton Face Mask

Wearing and Washing Cloth Masks

How can you use a cloth mask? A cloth face mask is useful for situations where social distancing is a challenge. Wearing a cloth mask helps protect others from your germs. When you find yourself in a tight space, or in an area where it's…
where to buy a face mask online

Where to Buy Face Masks Online Right Now

Many states are urging their residents to wear face mask or cover when they leave home. Several states, including Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island are requiring a mask or face covering…

5 Expert Tips for Spring-Cleaning Your Restaurant Establishment

Spring cleaning is not just for households. It’s that yearly deep-clean concept that applies to every establishment and goes beyond just dusting the nooks and crannies. In establishments as health and safety oriented as restaurants, this yearly tradition is especially necessary.

Best Practices for Cleaning Crews During COVID-19

Work has not paused for many cleaning crews, who must still upkeep essential facilities like healthcare buildings, assisted living centers, grocery stores, or other such establishments.
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Safety & Attire for At-Risk Service Industries During COVID-19

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, news reports remind us daily of workers struggling within the healthcare system, under-supplied and under-staffed.   But what about those who too often go unnoticed?

Sending Restaurant Purchase Orders to Suppliers

Successful restaurants receive dozens of deliveries per year, allocating 28% - 35% of their costs to food products in their inventory. Since restaurant owners need to place orders with suppliers constantly, having an efficient purchase order process can be a gamechanger for your restaurant management.

Restaurateur’s Guide to Developing a Brand for Your Eatery

Now that you have successfully set up your new restaurant, all that’s left is getting it out there! Perhaps you do not have your own marketing team yet, and that’s fine. We will give you some tips on how to approach branding, marketing and growing your restaurant.

4 Tips for Establishing a Smooth Restaurant Workflow

Restaurants are some of the most complex and labor-intensive businesses in the country. Customers expect good food and timely service. In order to provide that, restaurant owners and managers need to implement a mandatory workflow protocol for their staff.