Male Chef Pants 

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Men's Chef Pants: The Right Fit and Fabric
Chefs come in all shapes and sizes. Comfort and fit for one chef may not be so comfortable on another. Aprons and Smocks has men's chef pants in a number of different fits and fabrics—baggy, cargo and slim cut—depending on your chef’s style and comfort preference.  These pants are used by chefs, bakers, and back of house workers. Our durable, lightweight pants dry quickly, have a 2 inch comfort waist, tapered ankles, and are available in sizing from XSmall to 5XL .
Baggy chef pants are the classic style for chefs, offering comfort, durability, safety from hot spills and a professional look. Aprons and Smocks Baggy Chef Pants come in black, white, black and white chalk stripe, or houndstooth and have options for side seam pockets or no pockets. Baggy Chef Pants are Available in two styles:
Some prefer a cargo pant that still offers ample room, but is not as full cut as the baggy pant. Male cargo chef pants have a 2 inch waist, relaxed fit, 2 front cargo pockets and 2 back pockets (double stitched, and are available in two color options:
Slim cut
Many male chefs now prefer a slim cut chef pant that’s more fitted and has slightly tailored legs. These pants still have a 2 inch comfort waist with drawstring, and  have side seam pockets. They come in the following styles:
Aprons and Smocks’ Male Chef Pants are also available at discounted pricing on bulk orders and many of our pants are available on clearanceContact us for more details or to place your order.


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