Chef Revival Chef Coats

Chef Revival Chef Coats

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Chef Revival Chef Coats

Setting the Standard
Chef Revival Chef Coats are for the chef who is in a class that sets the standard…for the chef that has the experience to inspire the team, select the best cut, set the trends that others will follow, persist and perfect the sauce, charm the guest reviewers, ensure kitchen safety and present everything with artistry. These chef coats are for the chef who’s reached the distinguished mark (or has full plans to). These chef coats have been featured on food competition shows, Aprons and Smocks offers Chef Revival Chef Coats that are just in a different class. They have:
  • Cloth covered buttons,
  • Drop shoulder and yoke for comfort,
  • French cuffs,
  • Left thermometer pocket so the necessary tool is right there,
  • White or black piping available 
  • Check out their web site for info,
  • Sizing from XS to 3X,
  • Made of high end fabric—Chef Tex Breeze—a 65/35 polyester/cotton blend.
Comfort Design and Customization
 Aprons and Smock’s Chef Revival Chef Coats are available in 2 main styles: Corporate Revival Chef Coat (with a cross collar neckline), and Cuisinier Chef Coat (with a traditional collar). Both styles are made for comfort and ease of movement—whether the coat’s for a pastry chef, head chef, sauté chef, grill chefs, private party chef, or a student with an eye on success—comfort and durability count. The style and cut of the coat, the sizing options, and breathable fabric mean that even while moving through a pressure cooker day, the chef coat will move with ease through the day, too.
Chef Revival Chef Coats can be customized with a name or logo of your choice. Discounts are available on bulk orders, though Aprons and Smocks welcomes your order no matter what the size. We guarantee your satisfaction.
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There’s enough stress to a day of work in a restaurant—banquets to prepare, new sauces to perfect, old menu items to make healthier, that large party of 20 in the center dining room, and a team that’s a diverse mixture of 22 immiscible personalities. Restaurant apparel shouldn’t be something that gives you any hassle. Quality aprons, smocks, chef uniforms and restaurant apparel should be something you can count on. Aprons and Smocks has just that—great products at great prices.


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Chef Uniforms

Aprons and Smocks sells a variety of chef uniforms as well as front of house and back of house apparel such as chef coats, chef shirts, chef pants, chef hats, and chef shoes. We have a wide selection of uniforms in diverse colors, sizes and style—tailored for men or women chefs. The uniforms are of high quality, durable fabric that maintains a professional look through a long day, yet washes easily. Most of our chef apparel is customizable with screen printing or embroidery.


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Restaurant Apparel

The restaurant apparel from Aprons and Smocks covers all the essentials needed for your front of house and back of house staff: Accessories, Chef Caps, Restaurant Shirts, Restaurant Vests, and Restaurant Clogs and Shoes. These quality items for restaurant workers give a professional appearance, add style, and provide comfort through a long day of work. Customization and discounts on bulk orders are available.


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