Customize your apron, smock, chef wear or any other purchase with your own logo or text. Aprons & Smocks offer both screen print and embroidery to meet all of your customizing needs.


Embroidery is when the wording or logo is sewn directly into the fabric using decorative needlework.  Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched with thread. Best when applied to heavier garments such as aprons and smocks.

Our starting price for text/name and logo/artwork embroidery is $9.95 per item (up to 3 lines) or 7,000 stitches.  Extra fees may for logos that contain over 7,000 stitches
Aprons & Smocks offers the following price discounts:
  • Buy 1 - 4 for $9.95 each
  • Buy 5 for $7.86 each
  • Buy 11 for $6.99 each
  • Buy 24 for $6.32 each
  • Buy 48 for $5.94 each
  • Buy 96 for $5.55 each
  • Buy 144 for $5.29 each
  • Buy 160 for $4.95 each
In addition, if you decide to have a logo embroidered there is a $49.00 one-time set-up fee.

Screen Printing

Please note, all screen printing orders must be made by phone.
Screen printing is the process of applying an image or design to materials by use of a stencil. Screen printing is commonly used on aprons, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a wide range of promotional items. Screen Printing involves numerous steps. Each color is applied through a separate screen. Screen printing provides a highly durable image and is very economical for large runs. 
A number of variables affect the price of screen printing: (1) the initial screen charge of $35 (2) the quantity of items, (3) the colors and number of colors selected (4) and the artwork you provide (which we must see prior to providing a quote). In other words, screen printing charges are unique to each order, so they must be made by phone.
The screen printing order can’t be initiated until you talk with us about the specific quantities and colors you want, and until you provide us with your logos. (Don’t worry, we make this whole process as painless as possible.) Our goal with the screen printing order process is to ensure that you get the exact customization you need at the best price possible. 
Call Mike at 877-277-6609 to get your screen print custom order started.  

Or email us at: and ask us to give you a call


Turnaround Time

Custom items require additional processing. Please allow an additional 8-12 Business days for custom orders to ship. 

Aprons, Smocks and Restaurant Apparel

No Minimums. No Waiting. No Hassle.
Just Great Products, at Great Prices.

There’s enough stress to a day of work in a restaurant—banquets to prepare, new sauces to perfect, old menu items to make healthier, that large party of 20 in the center dining room, and a team that’s a diverse mixture of 22 immiscible personalities. Restaurant apparel shouldn’t be something that gives you any hassle. Quality aprons, smocks, chef uniforms and restaurant apparel should be something you can count on. Aprons and Smocks has just that—great products at great prices.


The aprons sold at Aprons and Smocks are made out of durable super twill. This fabric is of a quality weight that protects your clothing, holds up to many washings, and has a clean, professional look. This is especially important for aprons that get heavy use such as bistro aprons, waist aprons, cobbler aprons, or work and tool aprons. Whatever type of apron you need—individual aprons, customized aprons, or a bulk order for your business—Aprons and Smocks has them at a great price..

Chef Uniforms

Aprons and Smocks sells a variety of chef uniforms as well as front of house and back of house apparel such as chef coats, chef shirts, chef pants, chef hats, and chef shoes. We have a wide selection of uniforms in diverse colors, sizes and style—tailored for men or women chefs. The uniforms are of high quality, durable fabric that maintains a professional look through a long day, yet washes easily. Most of our chef apparel is customizable with screen printing or embroidery.


Aprons and Smocks also has a wide selection of smocks for artists, pharmacists, doctors, day care workers and more. Our smocks are tailored for women, men, unisex, and children, and are available in a broad range of colors, sizes and styles. Each smock is customizable with screen printing or embroidery and wholesale pricing is available if you buy in bulk.

Restaurant Apparel

The restaurant apparel from Aprons and Smocks covers all the essentials needed for your front of house and back of house staff: Accessories, Chef Caps, Restaurant Shirts, Restaurant Vests, and Restaurant Clogs and Shoes. These quality items for restaurant workers give a professional appearance, add style, and provide comfort through a long day of work. Customization and discounts on bulk orders are available.


Shipping to Canada may include UPS brokerage fees, duties and GST Tax.