Hopefully, you already know how important it is to develop an email marketing strategy to promote your restaurant. To stay relevant, you must build a strong online presence. What many restaurant owners don’t realize, however, is that the key to success in the email marketing world is the quality of the leads they are contacting via email, not the quantity.


Merely collecting email addresses from your CRM system is not the ideal way to build your database and contacting customers who haven’t knowingly agreed to receive marketing emails is tacky, and in some cases, can get you into trouble.


There’s no reason to haphazardly send emails to unsuspecting customers and hope that a few of them actually bite. There are several practical ways to gain organic leads who are interested in receiving your marketing emails so that you can capitalize on your email promotions:


  1. Collect email addresses in-person. Lead ad integrations and sign-up forms are great, but running a restaurant is daunting and understandably, you may not have time to learn the ins and outs of executing an ad campaign. Have your wait staff to collect email addresses from patrons using a free appetizer or a discount.
  2. Run a contest. Hold a monthly or quarterly drawing for a free meal. The lucky person with the email address that is pulled will receive the offer, and you’ll have a solid list of customers to add to your database.
  3. Create content that is enticing. If you have a sign-up form on your website, motivate people to join your mailing list by offering them content that they are interested in obtaining. Offer a free eBook containing recipes to anyone who sign up for your mailing list.                   

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