Best Practices for Cleaning Crews During COVID-19

Work has not paused for many cleaning crews, who must still upkeep essential facilities like healthcare buildings, assisted living centers, grocery stores, or other such establishments.
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Safety & Attire for At-Risk Service Industries During COVID-19

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, news reports remind us daily of workers struggling within the healthcare system, under-supplied and under-staffed.   But what about those who too often go unnoticed?

Customer Spotlight: Venissimo Cheese

We love the aprons - the embroidery is exquisite, with such fine detail.  We have been ordering all our aprons from Aprons & Smocks for many years, and I think we even still have some originals, the quality is so good.  The pockets…
Girl Scouts of Central Maryland

Customer Spotlight: Girl Scouts S’mores Day

On August 10th each year the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland raise money to provide more girls the opportunity to take the lead in an all-girl safe space where they're free to explore, learn, and have fun without the pressures and social anxiety…
Making a Good Impression on Patrons with Restaurant Decor

Making a Good Impression on Patrons with Restaurant Decor

It’s been said that people eat with their eyes as well as their stomach. But in a restaurant, it’s more than the plate presentation that makes an impact on your patrons’ appetites.
Take the Pressure Off by Streamlining Your Menu
Trends to Keep Your Restaurant Patrons Engaged and Loyal