5 Fun Ideas To Promote Your Restaurant on Snapchat

Let’s face it: in the digital age, the hot new thing is old news in a matter of days. You can probably remember a time when young people were talking about this hot new thing called Facebook…and when the hot new thing was Twitter.

Facebook is now reserved for old people and Twitter is reserved for celebrities who are just begging to lose their job. While these are still relevant social media platforms, to young people, they’re old hat.

If you’re looking for a way to appeal to a younger demographic of restaurant-goers, look no further than Snapchat. This platform, along with Instagram (or “Insta”, as we’re told the kids are calling it), remains all the rage among millennials and is the key to keeping up with the times. Stay hip by using the following promotional ideas designed for Snapchat:

Make a game out of it

Hide offers within the images and videos you send to your fans and give them a chance to redeem the offer.

Film your food and behind-the-scenes antics

Make people hungry by snapping pics of your food and throwing in some videos of your staff having fun.

Encourage patrons to include your restaurant in their snaps

Offer customers a discount for taking a picture of themselves at your restaurant. It creates buzz and who doesn’t love a good deal?

Snap passwords

Send limited-time passwords to customers to encourage them to come to your restaurant. It ads a unique twist to their dining experience and is a great way to generate business on an otherwise slow day.

Ask for feedback

Give customers an outlet to review your food—it allows them to share good experiences they’re having in real time and allows you to remedy any issues they encounter quicker than you would if they used Yelp.

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