5 Mistakes Your Wait Staff Should Avoid

As you know, one of the factors that can absolutely make or break your restaurant is the level of service and hospitality that your patrons receive. The amount of training that goes into ensuring your restaurant is treating its patrons to excellent service is nothing to sneeze at – it takes time and patience to help staff members become great waiters.

With that in mind, everyone knows that customers can be difficult. We’ve all been party to that one restaurant-goer who seemingly complains at every single turn. Great food, professionalism, and prompt, friendly service just can’t account for someone’s lousy mood.

What that in mind, here are some mistakes you can train your wait staff to avoid so that there’s no question when it comes to service in your restaurant:

  • Failing to make the customer feel “special”. Diners aren’t just paying for food – they’re paying for an experience. They expect to be treated like VIPs, even if they’re at a $1 hotdog stand. Ensure waiters are always warm and friendly towards guests.
  • Not knowing the menu. One of the worst things a waiter can say (or imply) to a patron is that they aren’t familiar with the food they’re serving. Your waiters should know the menu like the back of their hand so that they can make recommendations and describe different options.
  • Bringing the check out too soon. What are you, rushing me out of this place? Waiters should wait until the patrons ask for the check before they deliver it to the table.
  • Taking too long to bring the check. What am I, spending the night here? Customers are finnicky. Once they ask for the check, waiters should try their darnedest to get it out ASAP.
  • Failing to check on the customer once the food has been served. Nothing will make a restaurant-goer feel more alienated and disregarded like a waiter who neglects to ask how they like the food.

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