Crash Course On Serving Up Gluten Free Options

As a restaurant owner, it’s important that you consider the needs of all people who may enter your establishment, even if a particular option is reserved for a small percentage of the population.

Gluten-free cuisine is becoming increasingly popular due to its reported health benefits and it’s no longer just for people who have celiac disease. With that said, the reason it is pivotal that you offer these options is because of the estimated 6 percent of the population who can become sick if they consume gluten.

People who require gluten-free options are putting a lot of trust in you when they order a meal at your restaurant. And while you may have the best intentions when offering-up gluten-free meals, cross-contamination can easily occur if cooks and servers are not diligent.

Ensure that you are protecting your customers by training your staff accordingly:

  • Designate cooking utensils and knives to be used exclusively for gluten-free cuisine.
  • Accidents happen – if one does occur, ensure that a brand-new meal is prepared for the  customer. Simply removing pieces of food that contain gluten is not enough.
  • Cook gluten-free pasta in different water than pasta that contains gluten.

Taking these precautions can ensure that people with gluten allergies sing the praises of your restaurant to other people who are afflicted and failing to do so can jeopardize the legitimacy of your restaurant.

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