Creating a Buzz on Social Media

Creating a Buzz on Social Media

These days food and social media go hand in hand. Restaurants are taking advantage of food culture and social media to create buzz. Technology is creating an opportunity for people to make a choice and the businesses to make a profit. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all have a role in the revolution of advertising.

Restaurants that are active on social media have a rare opportunity to engage customers. With one click or a few good words, owners can make their presence known. They are communicating with customers and able to meet their demands. This creates a new dimension to in the relationship. Large chains have seen a change in reception due to a more personal and engaging discourse on social media. Twitter offers a chance for restaurants and their owners to engage specific clients yet reach a mass. The hashtag creates a chance for both customer and owner to connect. With a simple picture of a dish, buzz can be created. Restaurants can display the fun side of food service by being more personable and inviting to new clients as well as old.

Facebook allows for business to be tagged in status updates. When someone dines at a place and tags the business, it is seen by all their friends. It creates an interest. “How is that place?” Comment. Comment back. Comment. That is advertising. And it’s free as long as a restaurant has an official social outlet. By having that, hours can be communicated and information is easy to find. Hashtags of a general topic like pizza allow restaurants to make their identity known. By tweeting a picture or an advert with a hashtag like pizza, businesses can get their name out to a massive audience. Social media is also a good place to offer deals to consumers. These special deals offered only on social media make a business more appealing to a generation of food lovers. It also can bring new people to social media and in turn new customers.

The best advertising has always been word of mouth. Social media is just another form of that same communication. It crosses borders and allows for an almost instantaneous buzz to be created. For the small time local place it offers a way to be known. For the big chain across many a state, it allows for customers everywhere to hear about a place in New York that also has a location in Chicago. The important lesson is that the food industry can do well for itself by presenting food in a personable and transparent way in this day in age.

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