It’s like a new beginning to almost everything, from the way people interact to the way they make decisions. Among all the technological advancements, social media has become the most powerful force, such that restaurant owners have adopted the approaches to generate and share their ideas in virtual communities to get more clients.

The platform that has perhaps most affected the restaurant industry is Instagram. With its ability to capture moments and places in a way no other has, it has changed the way people choose where to dine.

The power of Instagram

While some establishments prohibit the use of cameras, many others out there are making good use of it because one single post can attract a lot of viewers to try a certain restaurant. More restaurants have realized that Instagram is the best source of marketing. They are posting different types of dishes for diners to see what the kitchen can generate.

This is working because diners are effectively responding by booking for reservations. Additionally, they are also sharing their dining experience through social media by posting their orders for public utilization. This trend motivates chefs to become more creative with both the taste of their food and also the presentation of the plate.

Use as an advertising tool

Instagram offers restauranteurs word-of-mouth advertising via pictures and instant views. To the chef, this means that every plate that leaves the kitchen is likely to gain or lose a client. So, to remain competitive in this ever-growing industry, the chefs must be more creative in their food presentation and have a great emphasis on plating.

Providing an exciting exhibition gives the diner a great experience, such that they’ll share as many times as they can, and this has become part of the restaurant’s success.

Instagram-friendly design

It’s not just the food that diners post about. It goes far beyond that to include the décor, menu, and plating. Décor and design have become the backbone of the dining experience because a lot of people direct their attention to ambiance, from the lighting to the art on the walls.

With Instagram, business owners go out of their way to ensure that every experience is the best for their diners. Suddenly, just as much care and attention is put into the restaurant’s interior design as-is into its menu. Restaurant owners are understanding the importance of conveying atmosphere to the followers at home.

Social media has reached out to the restaurant industry and challenged it for improvement, and the industry has embraced the challenge in a great way. Nowadays, with diners Instagramming and photographing the whole dining experience—restaurants have become creative about more than just their menu.