Quick Halloween Costumes with Aprons & Smocks

Aprons and smocks are not only favorable for their practicality but also their versatility. So, whether you use your apron or smock to cook, sculpt, or garden, you might want to also repurpose it for a quick and easy Halloween costume this year.

There is plenty of fun (and/or spooky) creations you can concoct with our selection. Here are a few ideas.

Mad Scientist

Show everyone how intelligent you are with one of our authentic lab coats. You’ll look like a real scientist. Spike up your hair with some heavy gel, and let your wild side come out. It will be even more convincing with the right accessories. Complement this getup with a beaker and maybe some safety goggles for the ultimate effect.

A less kooky alternative to the mad scientist that still utilizes the lab coat is a doctor outfit. Accessorize with a telescope and a makeshift prescription pad to get the full effect across.


Every waiter or waitress knows that your wardrobe starts with comfy shoes. Be sure to put on your favorite sneakers to go along with this vintage bistro apron. Don’t forget to add plenty of flair to your outfit. If you have any hilarious button pins, then you should put them on your apron.

Supplement your server attire with some of our restaurant accessories, like a baseball cap, bowtie, or neckerchief to tie the whole look together.

Stuff a small notepad in your front pocket with a pen, and you can pretend to take orders from all your friends.

Professional Artist

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for magnificent paintings? You’ll look a lot more artistic this Halloween with a few paint stains on your painting smock. You can add a few accessories to go along with it. Fill your pockets with paintbrushes and smear some acrylic paint on your smock.

It won’t make you any more creative, but it might just unleash your inner Pablo Picasso – transformative yet inspiring.


You can express your love for the culinary arts with a classic chef outfit. Just order a classic chef hat, a traditional chef coat, and let the costume speak for itself. Who knows, you might even put it to good use long after Halloween is over.

Carpenter Costume

This costume is easy for anyone to pull off. Just put on your favorite pair of blue jeans with an old shirt. Grab a nail apron to throw around your waist, and you’ve got yourself a super easy carpenter costume. You can put any random tools you have around the house in your apron, such as a tape measure and wrench, or you can fill it up with fasteners.

While you may want to draw the line at distributing Philips screwdrivers at your office party, it’s certainly a simple look that can be thrown together with pieces you likely already have in your wardrobe.