Seven Tips To Reduce Food Waste In Your Restaurant

Of all the people in your life, who’s birthday do you remember? Think of the people that make-up this (assumedly) small portion of people – who are they? It most likely consists of your dearest friends and family members. Folks who know your favorite foods, desires, and well, probably your birthday. These are powerful connections you’ve made over time.

As a restaurant owner, your goal is to build strong, lasting connections with other people who are important to you – your customers. The easiest way to achieve this is to treat each of your customers like they are your family member or close friend – give them a gift on their birthday.

Getting started. If you haven’t begun doing so, you should ask for birthdates and/or anniversary dates when you collect email addresses from new customers. There a few ways in which you can accomplish this:

  • Physical sign-up forms kept in-house
  • Facebook advertising
  • E-commerce

What about existing customers? Send them an email! Ask them to provide you with the information you desire. No need to be coy – simply inform them that you’re hoping to reward them on their birthday or anniversary and the majority of them are likely to oblige – who doesn’t want a birthday present from their favorite restaurant?

Creating the birthday campaign. Design a personalized marketing campaign that is short, sweet and simple. No need to get too flashy, the fact that you’ve acknowledged the customer’s birthday will mean a lot to them. Offer a discount, include some redemption details and thank them for being a loyal customer.

Sit back and watch customer loyalty increase tenfold. Most email marketing software allows you to setup triggered campaigns for important dates, meaning that the campaign will launch automatically following the selected date. Set up your triggered campaign and watch the birthday boys and girls roll-in with their coupons each week!

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