Read this if your restaurant has online ordering

Your customers love your food, so the fact that they can navigate to your website and order their go-to meal without putting on pants is a huge plus. And because they frequently order food via your website, there is an inferred expectation that their financial information is in good hands.

However, last year, to facilitate safer web browsing, Google added a security attribute to Chrome that flags any websites without an SSL certificate as ‘Not Secure.’ Google also banishes these sites to the bottom of search results, which is essentially the Pit of Misery for websites.

Find out whether or not your website has an SSL certificate, here.

But why? Websites that feature sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card forms without an SSL certificate are vulnerable to hackers. This means your customers are in jeopardy of having their financial information stolen when they order a grilled cheese.

It’s paramount that your customers feel safe when they order food on your website. As you are probably aware, convenience is critical in 2018. Eliminating the online order option from your bag of tricks is tantamount to burying your head in the sand and allowing long-time, loyal customers to fall by the wayside. Failing to secure your website with an SSL certificate will also deliver a crippling blow to your ability to gain new customers via Google search.

Take a deep breath. While it is imperative that you secure your website as soon as possible, there are several easy, affordable options you can choose to employ in doing so.

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