Restaurant Trends: 2019

The food service industry is one of the unsung heroes of the art world. While you may not think of culinary services as an art in the classical sense, there’s no denying that just like music or film, it is constantly-evolving. To stay relevant, restaurants must change with times.

Benchmark compiled a list of upcoming trends to watch out for in the upcoming year, based on the opinions of culinary experts and chefs.

Here is what you can look out for to stay with the times in 2019:

  • Bacteria-based beverages. With the rise in popularity of Kombucha, which is fermented tea, expect to see more and more trendy restaurants and eateries get-in on the Kombucha craze in 2019.
  • Increase in vegetarian cuisine. What was once considered, ‘fringe’ or less-than commonplace, plant-based diets are now pretty regular and it’s restaurants’ responsibility to appeal to vegetarian and vegan diets in the new year.
  • Tea parties. Coffee’s older cousin from across the pond is gaining popularity in the states, and many restaurants are taking notice. If you have a breakfast-heavy clientele, consider adding more variety to your tea offerings this year.
  • More bugs…wait what? You read that correctly. Chefs are expected to begin incorporating insects into their recipes to account for rising food costs. While it sounds weird to Americans, 80% of the world consumes insects regularly. Insect powder can be used to enhance cocktails and even make bread! Don’t be shocked to hear about restaurants including protein-rich creepy crawlers into their recipes in 2019.
  • Dining-in makes a comeback. Grubhub and Seamless have seemingly taken over the restaurant industry over the last few years and the allure that was once synonymous with enjoying a meal out with friends and family has temporarily faded, however Benchmark predicts that dining-out will make a strong comeback in 2019. We’re not saying you should cancel your shipment of Styrofoam take-out boxes, but be sure you’re continuing to provide a fun, in-house dining experience.

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