Summer Creativity to Enjoy Together with Your Kids

As summer kicks off, it’s an amazing time to connect with your kids and share new (or new again) experiences. Sure, there’s summer camp, vacations, and lots of other activities to fill up the time, but you can make great memories with your children at home during the summer, outfitted with little more than an apron!

Check out these three great connecting activities that the whole family will find so much fun—plus they’re educational and will allow you to create great things together… even memories to last!

Bake Together

One of the easiest and safest entries into the kitchen for your kids is to get them involved in baking. All the preparation is away from the heat and is a great combination of teaching kids to follow step-by-step instructions, measure dry and liquid ingredients, and enjoy the fruits (or cakes) of their labor. So don your aprons and do some fun summer baking with your kids!

Paint Together

Explore your—and your kids’—artistic vision with some painting projects this summer. Kids are often drawn to artistic expression early on, and summer break is a great time to not only make room for art, but make art an important part of each day or week. The potential mess might be worrisome, but put down a drop cloth, pull out the paints, put on some aprons, and create beautiful artwork together!

Be Chefs Together

The next step up from stirring a cake mix is prepping and even preparing meals. Summer is a wonderful time to teach your kids how to safely work with (age-appropriate) kitchen tools and appliances. It’s also an ideal time to expand beyond the kitchen to outdoor grilling, campfire cooking, and picnic preparation. The extra time together helps you to expand on culinary skills while building memories and creating yummy concoctions.

Summer is full of outdoor fun, rest and relaxation, and tons of social gatherings. But quality family time and learning life skills can and should be part of the sun-filled activities—and they will enrich everyone involved! Put on an apron, get ready to get a little messy, and see what you can create together with your kids during this summer break.

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