Why You Should Participate in Restaurant Week

In case you’re unaware, within most regions of the United States, there’s an annual week-long (in some places, it lasts an entire month) event known as restaurant week. Traditionally, restaurant week takes place in early winter and is organized by the chamber of commerce to promote local restaurants.

During restaurant week, participating restaurants will offer specials to get new customers to try their food. They will usually include three different options that vary by price range so that guests can sample something, regardless of their budget.

If you have some reservations (get it?) about participating in restaurant week – you’re not alone. However, here are a few reasons why we think restaurant week can benefit your business:

  • Participating in restaurant week improves the local economy during slow seasons. Restaurant week promotes tourism and keeps cash flowing when business isn’t quite ‘booming’.
  • It’s an opportunity to promote your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you’re probably aware how important promotion is. This is the perfect opportunity to impress people with your food and gain some long-term customers.
  • It will increase traffic in your restaurant. While you are offering food at a discount, participating in restaurant week has the potential to get more customers in the door, which can significantly increase the amount of money you’ll make on a given night.
  • It will boost your reputation. Participating in restaurant week has the potential to improve your image as one of the trendier places in town.

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