4 Games to Host at Your Bar to Attract More Business

After the holidays are over, people have a tendency to dial-back their spending a bit.  It’s important for restaurant and bar owners to position their marketing strategy to cater to those of us who may be reluctant to go out on the town in the middle of January. Everyone knows at least one person who vows to save more money this year by going out less.

A great way to ensure business continues to flow in January is to promote events that will encourage patrons to stay longer and come out more often. Enter: bar games.

It’s not entirely necessary to include food and drink specials on these nights, however it certainly helps. A well-placed trivia night with $5 pitchers of domestic drafts can turn an ordinarily slow Thursday night into one of the busiest nights of the week for your business.

Implementing weekly game nights at your restaurant or bar is a great way to create a lively atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Here are some fun and easy games you can host at your establishment to increase profits during slower months:

  • Trivia. This is an old standard; however, people simply love forming a team of 3 or 4 friends to compete against strangers over a few cold ones. Depending on your clientele, you can stick with general trivia, or switch it up each week with music trivia, movie trivia, sports trivia, etc.
  • Card games. Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware of the hit games What do you meme? or Cards Against Humanity. Why not hop-on this bandwagon and use it to generate some much-needed revenue on a slow night? Since the ideal number of participants is 8 people per game, you may want to run this as an on-going tournament with the finalists competing in the championship at the end of the month.
  • Cornhole. This classic game has been a hit amongst college tailgaters for several years now and is a great way to bring some fun physical activity into your bar.
  • Poker. Host a Texas Hold ‘em tournament at your bar to bring out the gamblers. Be careful, though, since hosting a game in which actual money is at stake is illegal in most states.

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