4 Games to Host at Your Bar to Attract More Business

A great bartender is an invaluable asset to your restaurant. It’s not as simple as finding someone who can throw-together a passable rum and coke. Bartenders typically have more responsibilities than most people realize, which is why it’s crucial to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s about finding a good bartender for your establishment.

Of course, you can’t neglect to assess your candidates on the basics of bartending – they can have the greatest personality in the world, but if they can’t count, they’re virtually useless to you.

But it’s important that you also identify and define more abstract characteristics that you’re looking for in your bartender. You can get to the bottom of this complicated question by characterizing your typical patron. What type of people drink at your bar? Is it a college crowd or a group of older, blue collar regulars?

After you’ve assessed their ability to merely perform the jobs that all bartenders are familiar with, there are a few aspects of their personalities that you’ll need to find-out about when searching for your ideal candidate:

  • How do you know when someone’s had too much to drink?
  • Do you have a favorite sports team?
  • If the bar gets crowded, how will you determine who you’ll serve first?
  • Do you prefer to work independently, or with a team?
  • How will you respond to a hostile patron?

These questions will give you invaluable insight into the personalities of your candidates and allow you to get a better idea of how patrons will respond to them as a person. If you know your bar patrons, these questions should allow you to get a pretty accurate gauge as to how successful they’ll be behind your bar.

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