Rejoice, football fans – the 2018 season is almost here! The dog days of watching baseball (yawn) are over. For restaurant and bar owners, this typically means a natural increase in business. Merely owning a few TVs and putting on college and professional games all weekend is usually enough to attract local fans looking for a place to have a bite and root for their team.


But with some planning, you can capitalize on this time of year and gain some new regulars who specifically choose your establishment to watch football. Give people a reason to choose your business on Sunday with a few simple promotions.


  1. Souvenirs. Cheap beer and free stuff will always get you recurring business. Buy pint glasses with the local team’s logo on it and allow customers to purchase them for a special price. Then, when the team is playing, run a draught beer special for customers who bring their glass.
  2. Football themed menu. Create a special menu that is only available on Sundays. Reduced prices are a plus and adding some local flair will add some novelty to the special menu items.
  3. Offer discounts based on your team’s performance. This will ensure that even non-fans are rooting for the home team. For example, you could over half-priced appetizers if your team is winning at half-time.
  4. Host fantasy football events. Fantasy football is huge – why not give customers a chance to hold their draft party at your bar? The key to pulling this off successfully is promoting it frequently and informing customers that it is an option.
  5. Encourage football fandom. Reward customers who show-up to watch football. Give customers who wear their jersey a free beer. Word of promotions like this will spread quickly and people will have a reason to make your restaurant their go-to football destination.

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