An Argument For Aprons

The ever-swinging pendulum that is American popular culture has been moving towards a deconstructed, ironic hipster chic for some time now. Dirty is clean, old-fashioned is new, and people seem to find beauty in novelty, not efficiency.

Within the context of the restaurant industry, this is evident in the rising popularity of ghost restaurants, exposed brick walls with chalkboard menus haphazardly hung askew, and the fact that mustachioed waiters everywhere remain employed despite their propensity for eye-rolling every time a patron asks about the microbrew de jour.

You may have thought about scrapping the aprons you require your staff to wear in the name of getting with the times. You’re hip. You’re cool. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

There’s several reasons why aprons have been a staple in every respectable restaurant’s dress code for many years. So, before you make your wait staff replace their aprons with flannel shirts or ironic ‘90s tees, hear us out. Here’s why we think aprons are here to stay:

Aprons signify class

Aprons have always been a symbol of sophistication. When servers in a restaurant wear aprons, it is a message to customers that they are there to be pampered and treated like royalty.

Aprons demonstrate the cleanliness of your establishment

The primary function of an apron is to protect the waiters’ clothes from spills. This type of attention to detail suggests to patrons that cleanliness is important to you and your staff.

Aprons present an opportunity to showcase your logo

In the saturated market that makes up the restaurant industry, you must take every opportunity to put your logo on display in order to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your customers. Take advantage of your opportunity to do so by requiring your staff to wear embroidered aprons.

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