Choosing the Right Background Music For Your Restaurant

The music you play inside your restaurant may seem like an inconsequential detail or an afterthought, however, when you consider the fact that dining-out is treated as a comprehensive experience by most people, the background music you choose to play can make or break your customer’s experience.

Consider your clientele

This may seem self-explanatory, however for many establishments, different weekly promotions and events bring-in a different customer-base each day. For restaurants like this, your music choices should adjust with the atmosphere you’re attempting to capture on a given night.

Create atmosphere

You’re not going to play house music when you’re serving brunch and you’re not going to turn to easy-listening at 10pm on a Saturday night. Generally speaking, allow the time of day and any event that is occurring to dictate the type of music you choose to play.

Other considerations

All of this, of course, comes with a great big Asterix. Ultimately, the overall atmosphere and branding of your restaurant is going to ultimately dictate the type of background music you choose to employ.

For instance, if you’re a fine dining establishment, the music you play in your restaurant should be pretty understated as to not distract customers from the main attraction – the $45 steak they’re eating.

Similarly, if you get a lot of families in your establishment, you’re going to want to ensure that none of the music you play contains explicit lyrics.   

Just as virtually every facet of a restaurant is different than the place down the block, so too should be the music that is played. The key is to use your instincts and make choices based on your customer-base and the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

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