How to Get Customers to Post Pictures of Your Food on Social Media

What’s more authentic than posting pictures of food from your restaurant so that customers will be enticed to give you a try? Pictures taken by actual customers who’ve enjoyed the food from your restaurant.

It’s actually simple logic – what’s going to hold more weight? A carefully-constructed description written by the owner of an establishment, or a glowing endorsement a la Instagram from your average Joe who has no skin in the game.

When customers take pictures of your food and post them on Instagram or Facebook, they’re showing the world that they’re excited about the cuisine they’re about to eat and your restaurant.

How to make it happen

You’re going to want to tread lightly in trying to gain more organic exposure for your restaurant. Afterall, people can smell a fake easily, especially on social media, so if you’re bribing people to post pictures of your food, your customer’s organic post is going to come-off as, well, inorganic.

Still, there are a few ways you get your customers to share photos of your food without having to pay for their meal:

Run photo contests on social media. We know what you’re thinking – didn’t you just say you shouldn’t bribe people to post photos of your food?

There’s a big difference between publicly running a photo contest on social media and walking-up to a young couple’s table and whispering about free cocktails and Instagram.

When a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, encourage fans to post pictures of themselves, in their Irish garb of course, with one of your dishes. The winner get’s 20% off their next bill or a free appetizer.

Think about the presentation of your food. Everyone has joked that garnishments are “silly,” who cares what it looks like – as long as it tastes good. But caring about food presentation is important if you want customers to share photos of your food.

Engage with fans on social media. When someone writes something nice about your restaurant on social media, you should never ignore them. You should answer people who endorse your restaurant and personally thank them for their kind words.

This will encourage people to continue to engage with you on social media and yes, share photos of your food.

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