How to Use Facebook Wi-Fi to Build Your Digital Marketing Footprint

Facebook is a digital haven for people to share their lives with friends and loved ones. To some people, it’s an extension of themselves and they can’t imagine a world without it.

Regardless of your feelings about peoples’ connection with Facebook, if you’re a restaurant owner, you must be doing everything you can to make your business visible on the platform.

One of the best ways to do this is to partner with Facebook and advertise (at no cost to you) that your establishment offers free Wi-Fi. This is literally a free advertisement for your restaurant on the social media platform that everyone is on.

How it works

Facebook includes a feature that allows users to search for businesses in their area that offer free Wi-Fi. This is an awesome feature for out-of-towners who may be unfamiliar with your area and/or people who have time to kill and would like to find a place to grab a bite and…well…probably browse Facebook without eating up all of their data.

For businesses, this is great for increasing visibility online and gaining new customers. If your competitors are on that list and you’re not, you’re losing-out on business.

Here is a very helpful guide to turn your business into a WiFi hotspot.

Why should I offer free WiFi?

You should give customers free access to WiFi for one simple reason: doing so will cause customers to stay in your business for longer and subsequently, make more purchases.

In 2018 it’s also a sign of good faith – people will generally appreciate the fact that your making their life a bit easier by accommodating them.

People are obsessed with sharing every aspect of their lives on social media. Facilitating an environment in which customers can do what they love increases the likelihood that they will (sometimes unknowingly) promote your business to all of their followers. It’s free promotional fodder that you simply cannot afford to miss out on.

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