Turn Black Friday Into Green Friday For Your Restaurant

Whether you are among the eager, bargain-seeking shoppers who suit up for deals annually, or a skeptic who watches the crowds on the evening news, closes the blinds and picks out a series to binge watch on the day after Thanksgiving, one thing is for sure – people across America come out in droves for Black Friday each year.

Shopping is hard work (especially when navigating through innumerable hordes of obstreperous men, women, and children, hopped-up on lattes and onto the scent of a fresh 4k TV deal that “ENDS TODAY!”), and Black Friday is liable to leave millions satisfied with their savings, but famished, nonetheless.

This is where you come in! Restaurant owners need to take Black Friday seriously as they stand to make money hand-over-fist, provided they make the right moves prior to Thanksgiving. Here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you too are strolling into the third weekend of November counting money and thanking the Marketing Gods for Black Friday:

  • Invent one-day specials and menus for Black Friday. Try to get inside the mind of a tired shopper and determine what items would be appealing to them. Create some captivating specials that cater to small groups of people who are hungry and probably exhausted.
  • All hands-on deck. While this is high-time to tack on some extra profit before the end of the year, it is also the perfect opportunity to showcase how great your restaurant is and create some lifetime customers. Ensure that you are fully staffed for Black Friday and that your employees are well-versed on any specials you have running that day.
  • Use social media to your advantage. Broadcast any special Black Friday deals you plan to offer early and often. If you haven’t done this yet, stop reading this article, log into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram immediately, and post something. This will give you a leg-up over competitors and give you the edge when every restaurant is packed.
  • Gift Card Specials. Create Buy One Get One deals for Black Friday (and keep them running through December) to capitalize on shoppers in search of last minute gifts for the office Pollyanna, Saving is a habit, and you’ll be surprised how many people will shrug and say, “Might as well…”
  • Team up with nearby retailers. Are there any sales going on in your area that interest you? Contact that neighboring business and offer to advertise their Black Friday specials in exchange for their promotion of yours.

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