You Can Order Food on Facebook!

It’s 2017. You can find a job, shop for underwear, transfer money, bet the under and reconnect with your old 7th grade flame – all from your mobile device. And it’s no secret that Facebook has been one of the primary catalysts for these technological advances.

But these new capabilities have also ushered in a new, more crowded internet space, saturated with so many different options that doing something simple, like ordering a pizza, becomes an arduous task in which you need to remember 5 different usernames and passwords. At that point, why not just call the place?

Once again, Facebook is changing the game and making it exponentially simpler to order food from your favorite restaurant. Teaming up with national food chains and food ordering services such as ChowNow and, Facebook has just rolled out an option in which you can place an order for pick-up or delivery directly on Facebook.

This new option finally eliminates the daunting task of downloading apps and creating accounts, and gets you checked-out quicker than you can say, “hold the anchovies.” Simply navigate to the Order Food section of the Explore menu on Facebook and browse restaurants in your area. You can now find the perfect restaurant, check out reviews, and place your order all within the Facebook App.

This is excellent news for restaurant owners, because it eliminates a series of go-betweens that give would-be buyers several opportunities to change their minds. With the ability to order directly from Facebook, ordering food is simplified, and the window of time consumers have to make a decision decreases.

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