Do you offer screen printing services?

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Yes, we do! Screen printing is the process of applying an image or design to materials by the use of a stencil. Screen printing is commonly used on aprons, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a wide range of promotional items. Screen Printing involves numerous steps. Each color is applied through a separate screen. Screen printing provides a highly durable image and is very economical for large runs.

The minimum for screen printing is 12 pieces.

Aprons & Smocks offers the following screen print price structure based on the quantity ordered. These fees do not include the price of the product:

  • Buy 12-23 for $6.65 each
  • Buy 24 for $5.80 each
  • Buy 48 for $5.20 each
  • Buy 96 for $4.45 each
  • Buy 144 for $4.35 each
  • Buy 288 for $4.20 each
  • Buy 500 for $3.90 each

In addition, there is a set-up fee based on the number of colors in your artwork. A set-up fee applies to new and repeat orders.

  • 1-color ($35 set-up fee)
  • 2-colors ($45 set-up fee)
  • 3-colors ($55 set-up fee)
  • 4-colors ($65 set-up fee)
  • 5-colors ($75 set-up fee)

Screen Print personalization options are available on each product page.

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