Restaurant Romance: Preparing Your Eatery for Valentine’s Day

The flick of Cupid's bow can create couples in love, but it can also create a surplus of reservations come February 14.

Effectively Staffing Your Restaurant for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of the year that the majority of people look forward to. For restaurant owners and staff, however, this can often mean that there’s a large amount of extra business.

7 Gifts the Gourmet in Your Life Will Go Gah-Gah Over

When you have a gourmet cook, a grill master or a foodie in your life, you may struggle to find something that is unique while still reflecting their passion.

Festive Thanksgiving Ideas for Your Restaurant

Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. This is a time for family, food, and having a good time.

What Awaits Restaurants in 2020?

Whether in fashion or in food, trends always come and go. It's also common for certain trends to be cyclical.

Creating a More Convivial Restaurant Atmosphere

Ambiance makes a huge difference in the restaurant industry. Owners and managers sometimes search for ways to create a more convivial atmosphere.
Flower Heads

Customer Spotlight: Flower Heads

Flower Heads allows you to rent stunning silk flower arrangements to be used for centerpieces or to adorn any kind of structure such as arches, fences or gazebos to name a few.

5 Biggest Mistakes New Restaurant Owners Make

Owning a restaurant can be one of the most challenging projects to take on. It requires almost a life long commitment and huge investment.
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Quick Halloween Costumes with Aprons & Smocks

Whether you use your apron or smock to cook, sculpt, or garden, you might want to also repurpose it for a quick and easy Halloween costume this year.
How Instagram Is Changing the Restaurant World

How Instagram Is Changing the Restaurant World

It’s like a new beginning to almost everything, from the way people interact to the way they make decisions. Among all the technological advancements, social media has become the most powerful force, such that restaurant owners have adopted…